There may be someone who is very good at Jiu-Jitsu, but they have a full time job and other obligations, this is what I would call a hobby organization.  The focus ends up being focused on the teacher instead of the student.  The emphasis is not put on the success of the student or the facility.  Where as a professional Jiu-Jitsu academy where the instructor/owner is their full time operation, it’s run like a business, and I don’t necessarily because of revenue, what I mean is the students are customers.  They have to be treated well and with respect, we have to make sure the facility is clean and fully stocked.  We have to make sure the staff is fully trained and responsible.  I have seen a lot of hobby places just cancel practice because they have something else to do.  The difference that you need to pay attention to is that if it is a hobby type facility then you are going to get a hobby level instruction and experience.  Whereas a professional facility you are going to get the highest level of instruction, the highest level of credentials, and the schedule is going to be there all the time.