1. The Mat
    – Never walk on the mat with street shoes
  2. Hygiene
    – Tape any cuts you have
    – Do not join class if you have a contagious illness, wound, etc.
    – Keep your finger and toe nails clipped and short
    – No jewelry is permitted
    – Shower before class if you are dirty
    – Do not smell like smoke (Gi, breathe, hair, etc.)
  3. Uniforms
    – Clean White kimonos (GI) only (Academy only when required)
    – Navy Blue, crew neck Rash Guard (compressions shirt) only under Top
    – Rash guards (compression shirt) must be tucked into the pants
    – Always keep your top tucked in and belt on
    – When fixing your top and / or belt, turn facing the wall to fix it before facing the instructor.
    – If you forget your uniform, You may attend class; although, you line up as lowest rank
  4. Lining up in class
    – Always line up in rank order (highest to lowest)
    – Always stand straight up with good posture
    – Never lean or relax against the wall
    – Never rest a foot on the wall
  5. Addressing the instructors
    – Always greet the instructor before class and shake hands with after
    – Black Belts with Professor Stripes are referred to as “Professor”
    – Black Belts with White Bar and Brown Belts are referred to as “Coach”.
  6. If you are late to class
    – Do not enter the class (step on the mat) until the instructor recognizes you and invites you
    – Always walk behind the instructor, never walk in front of the instructor or between the instructor and the students
    – Line up at in the lowest rank position
  7. Stepping on and off the mat
    – Always bow on and off
    – Wipe your feet
    – Never leave the class without asking the instructor first
  8. Language and conversations
    – Never use what most people would consider “foul” language
    – Never speak negatively about anyone
    – Never discuss religion, politics or any topic that can make another student feel uncomfortable
  9. When the instructor is speaking / teaching
    – Always be respectful
    – Always look up and pay attention
    – Never pick your fingernails, toenails, etc.
    – Never play with your belt, gi, etc.
    – Never laugh, giggle, or talk with anyone
    – Never argue with or debate with the instructor during class, wait until after class
    – Please ask questions only regarding the topic and / or technique being taught
  10. When the instructor asks the students to drill a technique
    – Never “teach” anyone anything
    – Never give an negative opinion or a personal option on the technique being taught
    – Never try to “defeat”, “prove wrong” or “resist” a technique being taught
  11. If you have a question
    – Always ask the instructor or someone designated by the instructor


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